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Why Pt. Judith you ask? Not only is Pt. Judith a true and active historical fishing port with a long and proud fishing history, we base our vessels out of Pt. Judith to not only fish in the Gulf of Maine and the vast areas of Georges Banks, but the offshore canyons south of New England that are famous for their hearty and fresh Maine Lobsters that we catch year round! The Live Maine lobsters we harvest from the deep cold waters of these fishing grounds are the most sought after lobsters to ship, period!
Did you know? "Maine Lobsta" {Lobsters} are caught from Newfoundland to as far south as the Atlantic canyons off the coast of Virginia,(Yup Virginia, I kid you not!) but again, the deep water Lobsters of the Gulf of Maine and Offshore Canyons are what we consider the best, that's why we fish here... 'cause we know our "Lobster"!
How are the Lobsters handled? We unload and grade our lobsters by size and quality, right on our own docks, and we only pick the best of the best to ship to you! Once the lobsters are offloaded and sorted by local fisherman, your Lobsters are stored for a short time in our pristine giant salt water pools and are maintained at a constant 38-40 degrees' to simulate their natural environment on the ocean floor! This helps stabilize the lobsters for your shipment! We take great care in the handling of our {and your! } lobsters, and it shows! {These are fresh caught quality lobsters, and are not the same as ones sitting in a tank in a supermarket! }
When do you pick the lobsters for shipping to me? Once we receive your order, your lobsters stay in the water right up until they are pulled for shipment! They are taken from their pool, checked again, and boxed expertly by the LobsterGuy staff, who, in large part, are former fisherman themselves! Maybe you want to swing by and check out the boats? If they are in, we would be glad to show you around! Just Ask!