Delivery Insurance Details

Insuring Your Order!
LobsterGuy offers you peace of mind insurance for your shipment!
Shipping insurance has been Made Available for your order, you have the option to Accept or Decline it.
LobsterGuy takes pride in each and every order we pack, our attention to detail is second to none, we've been shipping Lobsters right to your door for over 23+ years!
While it doesn't happen very often, on rare occasions a mechanical delay, damage in transit, or an unforeseen weather event may result in you order not arriving the day it is supposed to.
So let's get to it, what does this Insurance cover?

This Insurance covers the following:
Delayed in transit due to weather or transport delaying delivery of more than 36 hours
Damage during transit to your product inside your shipping container (Coverage is based on specific product damage)
Lost packages in transit by shipper
Do NOT refuse your shipment, if the shipment is refused, this will void your coverage! You will need it to document your loss, however in some cases that are "no brainers", (Extremely extended transit )FedEx or LobsterGuy will stop the delivery for you on your behalf.
Lobsterguy must be contacted upon receipt of package and notified immediately of any damages via phone (1-866-788-0004) or email Photographs of damage will be required and documented

This coverage goes into effect once your order has been placed on board FedEx aircraft for departure to you.
If Your Box Meets The Above Criteria, And The Unfortunate Does Happen,Your Order Will Be Refunded

This Insurance will Not Cover the following:
Incorrect addresses you provided on your order form
(This may delay your delivery time so Please, double check your shipping info to make sure it is current and up to date!
FedEx nor Lobsterguy will be held responsible for delays due to incorrect shipping information or guarantee on time or even same day delivery as this is not covered under this insurance option.
(FedEx may also charge for an address correction fee (20.00) that is the customers financial responsibility which will be billed separately)
We want this to be a great experience, so again, please make sure your recipients address info is current and correct!

Closed businesses or where FedEx deems a signature IS required to ensure safe delivery
( It can still be a surprise, but let your recipient know they are to expect a perishable package!) Ensuring safe delivery is also at the discretion of the FedEx driver!
Wrong or shorted items in your order?
This rarely ever happens ( We're really good at what we do!)
If by rare instance you got the wrong or incorrect item, we will make it right for you, we will credit The Item, no problem!

Mailed or Emailed Gift Certificates:
If you choose to send a Gift Certificate via USPS, and the Gift Certificate is lost in the mail in transit...( Gotta love the post office at times!), we will reissue and mail you a replacement certificate, you can however insure the products in your Gift Certificates the same as a regular order, and once the order is redeemed and ships your coverage is in effect, the same goes for E-Gift Certificates, once it is redeemed and ships, you are covered If you chose the option to insure it.
If LobsterGuy and or FedEx deem a weather event is immanent, we do reserve the right to choose not to ship orders on any given day, or in very rare instances recall your order prior to it departure flight that evening ( We'd rather be safe than sorry!) and this coverage will not be in effect, coverage goes into effect once you package has been released to FedEx aircraft for shipment. We will also contact you to reschedule a delivery date for you!

If You Choose To Decline the Insurance Option Provided:
FedEx and LobsterGuy Will Not Be Held Responsible For Orders Or Refunds In Which The Insurance Option Provided For You Has Been Declined.
If You Opt OUT Of The Provided Insurance Option, We Can Possibly Attempt To File A Claim With FedEx On Your Behalf But There Is No Guarantee It Will Be Approved,
(To Be Honest Most Claims From Shippers Are Denied),

So Please, We Strongly Suggest You Consider Taking The 15.00 Insurance We Offer For Your Shipment!
LobsterGuy will not accept credit card charge backs or product returns if the insurance option has been declined, so we encourage you to take the extra step, for your peace of mind as well as ours!
If by chance you will have to activate your insurance, all claims will be processed and settled under normal circumstances by the end of the shipping week that your order was shipped providing all information and documentation has been provided.
Lobsterguy must be contacted upon receipt of package and notified immediately of any damages via phone (1-866-788-0004) or email You will need your order # as well as Photographs of damaged goods. This will be required and documented.

thanks, Capt. Tim