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Fed Ex Shipping and Info

Want Delicious Live Maine Lobsters, but live in Southern California?
Want to send Mom and Dad a New England Lobster Clambake to Florida?
No Problem! We ship to nearly anywhere in the contiguous US of A, Overnight!

The Experts at FedEx will be handling your shipping logistics once your package has received its tracking number.

With The LobsterGuy and FedEx it's what we do and we've been doing it right for over 17 Years!

Federal Express Shipping Information:

LobsterGuy Ships ALL Orders via FedEx PRIORITY OVERNIGHT.
What this means is that your order should be delivered around 12:30 pm on the day of your scheduled delivery.
The delivery commitment time depends on the destination zip code and ranges from 10:30am to 4:30pm. The more rural the delivery, the later in the day the commit time. If you would like to know your delivery commit time, please email us or call us and we can look it up for you.

All Packages are sent SHIPPER RELEASE, which means the FedEx driver will leave your package as long as it is deemed a safe location. Typically, signatures are required for deliveries to a business address, apartment building, or condo complex.


Please, Double Check your SHIPPING INFORMATION BEFORE you place your order, and make sure it is current updated and, most importantly, accurate!
Fed Ex will Charge YOU for All Address corrections, and re-routing fees of your package if the information you provided is not correct!
Fed Ex will also NOT Guarantee Same Day delivery if there is an incorrect address!

If you are shipping to an office building, or apartment or condo complex, PLEASE notify the recipient that a PERISHABLE PACKAGE is being delivered!
Deliveries above the 1st floor of buildings will only be attempted ONCE, and FED EX may require a signature for these deliveries.
If delivery is NOT made on the first attempt, FedEx will then contact you to arrange a possible second attempt to deliver your package. (there is no exact reattempted delivery time once this occurs) or pickup at the local FED EX depot may be required, especially around the Holiday Season, so please notify your recipient, we cannot stress this enough!

Again, It is at the FedEx drivers sole discretion whether to leave your package!
If he deems it NOT safe, he will NOT leave the package, so PLEASE notify your recipients that they are to receive a perishable delivery!
(You can still keep what's inside the box a surprise!)

Remember, FED EX delivers millions of parcels a day, so let's get this right the first time so everyone is happy!)

For questions about an "In-Transit" package, Please call FedEx Toll Free at 1-800-463-3339.
They are available to ensure your shipping process is easy and effortless!

TRACKING Your Order!
FedEx Priority Overnight Service offers you excellent customer service that goes beyond standard shipping!

  • FED EX will generate a tracking number for your order only AFTER it has been packaged and is ready for FED EX pickup.
    A FED EX tracking number for your package will ONLY be sent to the email address YOU specified on your order form.
    Your tracking number will be sent after 4pm EST, ONLY on the DAY YOUR ORDER IS TO BE SHIPPED.
  • Once Your Package Has A Tracking Number And Left Our Docks For Shipment, and you have questions or concerns about your orders delivery status, please do not hesitate to call FedEx! Toll Free @ 1-800-463-3339 and they will more than glad to help!
  • Please provide your FedEx tracking number when you call,
    (Again, Your Tracking Number will be emailed to you only on the Afternoon your order ships out)
    You can then you can call or log in to FedEx and check your packages status.
  • Track your LobsterGuy.com package with FedEx

    If you are sending a gift, PLEASE make sure that the recipient is AWARE they will be receiving Perishable Products!
    Surprises are awesome, but YOU need to make sure your recipient knows they will be receiving a Perishable Gift on the Delivery Date You Requested!
    We are not responsible for packages NOT received by unavailable recipients, so please make sure they know they have a SURPRISE coming from You!

  • Important:
    Please Keep an Eye on your Local Weather!
    FedEx and LobsterGuy will do all we can to ensure weather does not impede the delivery of your order.
    In some extreme cases, we reserve the right to suspend or reschedule your delivery. Should we make this decision, we will contact you immediately, However, it is up to YOU the customer, to be aware of your local weather!
    LobsterGuy is NOT responsible for delays or undelivered shipments due to weather delays.
  • FED EX considers this to be an "Act of God Clause" and will NOT honor any reimbursement and or claim for non-delivery due to severe weather.

Our orders are shipped in Styrofoam-lined cardboard boxes and shipped with frozen gel packs to keep everything cold! Larger boxes of lobsters are shipped with lobsters upright in their own partitioned space.