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Customer Reviews Capt. Tim & his Dad

"I was looking for something a little different this year to give to my employees as a Christmas gift. I checked out more than a few lobster sites, and decided to give this Capt. Tim guy a shot. He's the same guy on that Discovery Channel lobster show! Boy, am I glad I did! My employees were Thrilled! We sent lobsters, surf & turfs, and clam chowder! Not only were the prices more than fair, the seafood was Great! I don't know how they make those stuffed shrimp, but I have to tell you, they were terrific, and the lobsters and chowder got me and the wife a lot of thank you notes from our employees as well! The lobsterguy is a first class company, and we will be back, probably BEFORE Christmas! great job A++ Steven P, Dallas, TX

"We were so speechless with how easy and amazing the ordering, shipping and of course the lobsters were, no one said a word through the entire dinner! We didn't want to miss a single bite!!! I believe this was the BEST Live Lobster order I have made online!" Now I know why these guys are THE Best in the business!! Carl in D.C.
I have used the Lobster Guy to ship lobster to my daughter (who has lived in, Pittsburgh and San Francisco) a number of times. The product and the Customer Service have been superb. I always recommend them whenever I can. I'll be back excellent! excellent! excellent. Dave
Capt. Tim & Crew, I recently ordered from you for the first time having found your website through Google. Boy, am I glad I did! I got the Captains Pack of 4 1 1/2 lb live Maine lobsters shipping included!! It arrived on time with the lobsters kicking and in no time at all I was feasting on delicious Maine lobster in California for less than a trip to a restaurant would have been. I grew up in New England and my Dad and I dropped pots for personal consumption and caught lobsters all through my childhood and these were as good as any of those were! Thanks again for the incredible value, the speedy delivery and the freshest product around, I will never order lobster again in a restaurant here, Californians don't know anything about real Maine lobster, you will have my business for life. Sincerely, Eric B. West Sacramento, CA
Great, fresh product (both Lobsters and fish) and very nice service!
Captain Tim and Crew, My wife and I had an absolutely wonderful Valentine dinner thanks to your Traditional New England Clam Bake. The order arrived on time and fresh as promised. Having such a feast in the middle of the winter in Montana was a real treat. Brad and Jacqueline B.
I ordered and received the two 3 pound LIVE lobstas right on schedule! I've never seen a three pound lobster and was shocked to see how big three pounds of lobtas really were. I ordered them for Valentine's day and they were a great surprise for my wife. I was so amazed by the size I had to take pictures. I took a picture of one of the lobtas on a turkey platter, and the lobsta filled the platter. I took the picture to work, and to let you know you'll be getting a lot of business from my fellow employees! I will be doing business with you in the future. Thanks again for providing the LOBSTAS that produced the BEST Valentine's day (any day) meal my wife and I ever had. Keep on trapping!
My wife ordered your February special for my birthday dinner and I want to tell you how much I enjoyed it. I was amazed to see these two "monsters" come out of that box! When we sat down to eat?????? FORGET ABOUT IT!! I've ordered live maine bugs before, but never had they tasted so good! Succulent, tender and so sweet. PERFECT! My 3 year old son absolutely loved the fact that they were alive! It was a night that I will not soon forget. What a great experience and I am grateful that you all were a part of it. Thank you so much! I truly can't wait for the next "special occasion" (are Thursday's special?)!! An ecstatic lobster lover, Matt P in Sacramento, CA
I reviewed a few of the other companies-decided to go with Capt. Tim and the lobsterguy after I called to verify delivery. The recipients were ecstatic (Boston to Florida) on Valentines' week-end and the price was the best to boot! Thank you for some of the best lobsters we have had in 30 years! We were hoping to have a special dinner for a great friend and you made it spectacular. It's obvious that you treat your lobsters and customers with tender, loving care...the personal thank-you note from Shannon was an unexpected treat...a lovely "old-fashioned" courtesy not often found today! We will definitely spread the word! Our thanks to everyone at "The Lobster Guy" Vince and Susan
Hey Lobsterguy! Looking forward to our next order! We are crawfish farmers, and we like to tease people that some are the size of small lobsters!! We're telling people about your site!! . ..You have become a family tradition ever since our in-laws sent us some lobsters from you! Aaron C
Just want to Thank You for the wonderful Lobsters you sent our way. ... You made this New England transplant a very happy man for his birthday. ... told him next year we will have to come your way and get them right from the docks.....You perform a very nice service to people who really love your product. ..... again Thank You. .... everything was alive and kicking and tasted Great..... Looking forward to doing business with you again soon. Rosanne
Hi Mr Lobster Guy, I recently sent an order to Lafayette, CA for a thank you gift for some friends. I thought you might like to hear some feedback! They said the lobsters were great, the shrimp and clams VERY FRESH and the lobster bisque the very best they had ever tasted. I am happy that I chose you to do this order for me and will be happy to recommend your company to all. Thanks for a job well done, Jean in Nashua, NH
Hi, My son moved to Florida and said he cannot find any good seafood down there, it's all warm water, which has a different taste. I found your website about 8 months or so ago and have sent your lobsters to my son. He loves it!!! And am still doing so now. I also sent it to my mom with clam chowder, lobster bisque, who lives right here in New England, but doesn't get out much. She was so happy with your lobsters and chowders I am going to make this an annual thing for her. Thank You! You have a great fresh product, I will definitely spread the word!!! Thank You Karen R.
You guys are amazing! Teleported my lobsters from New England to God-Forsaken-Rural-Illinois in under 18 hrs.!!!!! My sister called to say how much she LOVED the gift and we win the "coolest birthday gift" prize! Thank you and consider me a loyal customer! Kathleen
The bottom line in a live lobster purchase is the quality of the lobsters and these folks really deliver phenomenal lobsters. We ordered nine 2.75 - 3 lb. lobsters and they arrived expertly packed in a sturdy Styrofoam container, and, most importantly, all alive. These folks are very personable and are quick to answer emails and accommodate special requests. Prices of lobsters fluctuate with demand and we have found that these folks offer the best prices, even when you factor in the shipping costs. For the true lobster lover, the Lobster Guy is a must!
I have been ordering from Lobster Guy for 4 years now! Every order is on time and arrives as stated. The prices are very good and the product is always fresh. I would highly recommend you try this merchant. I usually order larger lobsters and the prices here are great. I ordered pre shelled lobster meat this past time and was very impressed with what I got. Lots of tail meat and claw meat. Mark M.
We ordered several items off of your menu for our Christmas Dinner this year, and everything was so wonderfully delicious. The clam chowder was the best anyone in my family had ever tasted, it was extraordinary! The packaging was so professional, and the included personal handwritten card was such a nice touch! The whole process was so easy from start to finish! I even had a few questions prior to ordering, and I always received such a quick response! The prices are very reasonable as well! We will be lifelong customers! Thank you again for everything! :) Jordan, Virginia
Just wanted to write and let you know how pleased my Mom was when she received her lobsters and chowder this week. My Mom is a very fussy person ordinarily but she had only good things to say about your products and how they were packaged. The chowder and lobsters were fresh and tasted great. She was very happy. Thank you so much, I often find it hard choosing just the right gift for her but this year I hit the nail on the head and I have you to thank. I will be ordering from you in the future. Donna W., Salem, MA
Just to let someone know that there is really actual human beings out there with small business that actually care, my wife and I really enjoyed your personal touch and attention when we ordered the lobster from you guys. The personal card and the attention of the delivery was really something. She really loved it and so did I. You guy's made my wife's 50th birthday a success! Feel free to post this email on your web site as proof that there are still small companies here in America that want to earn people's business. This is a rarity that should not go un-noticed! Thanks again. Jeff & Marie, Atlanta GA......
The outstanding level of quality of products and customer service are the reason that I am a repeat customer. I purchase from the Lobster Guy for my own use and also use him for a fantastic gift source for friends and family. The lobster meat and the scallops are the best you can get on the net (no pun intended).I vacation in Maine every summer, and the Lobster Guy lets me have the fresh seafood that I love all year round. I purchase many things using the internet. .. the Lobster Guy is my favorite place to shop. John F., Marlborough, M.A.
The staff was VERY helpful! They even called to check my order which I hadn't filled out correctly! I purchased a gift certificate. My niece said that the gift certificate was easy to redeem and everyone there was polite and helpful. The lobster arrived safely and tasted delicious. I plan to do business with the Lobster Guy later this month. Bookmark his site. Many thanks. Anne, Stockton, C.A.
Dear Lobster Guy, Thank you so much for sending our delicious lobsters for our 31st wedding anniversary. The card was an especially nice touch. I will definitely order again, you are the greatest. Laurie G
This is the second time I've ordered from the Lobster Guy and I am not disappointed. There is a large selection of seafood and the prices are extremely reasonable compared to other vendors. I will do business again and again. Sharon H., Tewksbury, M.A.
I was very pleased with the personal service! The enclosed card was a nice touch. The Lobsters were packed well and very alive! I will be ordering again in October for the next visit to Florida as it is a yearly tradition so you will have all my repeat business! Thanks again! Susan. L, Lake City, F.L.
Dear Lobster Guy, Today I received two four-pound lobsters and they arrived in perfect condition (and right on time! ).These big guys looked gorgeous and were certainly fresh --- fresh as in not old and fresh as in feisty! I have never bought a live lobster locally that had any energy at all. We steamed them and the meat (lots and lots! ) was tender, sweet and to-die-for delicious! I have saved the shells as tomorrow they are going into the pot to make fish stock! I have ordered from you in the past and EVERY order has been a success! Thank you! Cindy B., Tulsa, OK
I am impressed!! Everything went as advertised. Delivery was on time. Lobsters were alive and AWESOME!!!! The Lobster Guy is the BEST!!!! Steve M., Clovis, C.A.
Captain TIM, I just wanted to let you know that the lobster that you sent me was wonderful. It was worth the wait. I have a friend who goes to Maine a lot and has to eat Lobster for breakfast, lunch and dinner and said that was the best tasting lobster that she has ever tasted. Thank you for the cooking instructions and for providing such excellent food and service.. I certainly will spread the word around upstate NY about my experience with your company...... Thank you again! Patricia B., Camillus, N.Y.
Born and raised on Cape Cod. Have family still there but I've been in Florida for 30 years. I received a clambake for two yesterday as a Christmas gift. "GREAT" is not worthy, "OUTSTANDING" is more appropriate. Lobsters tried to climb out of the pot!!! You can be sure I will recommend you to others and order more. Thanks for the great product Richard L., Lake Worth, FL
I would definitely order from The Lobster Guy again. The only little issue that would have made my purchase that much better is that I did not know that there was a specific time that I had to order by for my purchase to be delivered at the time I wanted. It worked out perfectly though, and someone got right back to me when I inquired. (I was pleasantly surprised, you do not receive customer service like that anymore! ) The order was delivered and the recipients told me that it was delicious. Laura B., Davie, F.L.
Captain Tim and Leah were wonderful to work with! Our clambakes, two for eight people, were delivered on time by UPS packed securely in dry ice. They were removed from packaging, put on a propane cooker, and left to steam. We were able to enjoy time with our guests while everything cooked and when we opened the tins everything was perfect. The lobster and clams were very fresh and had a wonderful taste. The corn and red potatoes were plentiful. Oh, included of course, were bibs, crackers, and wet naps for everyone all you have to do is add melted butter. Great idea and value for your $$. Annette B., Murfreesboro, T.N.