The "Monitor" (Retired)

The "Monitor" was built in 1984 in Deltaville, Virginia and was purchased by the Handrigan family in September 1985. Captain Tim says. .. "She was an Awesome little Sea boat! She could take a pounding and we fished a LOT of bad weather with her!" Because she is streamlined and has a low center of gravity, the "Monitor" is considered to be a "low profile" boat. This design makes for an extremely stable "sea boat". She carries a crew of 4 and fishes the continental shelf south of New England from May until December. Her gear is then brought home and stored before it is readied for the next lobster season. She was maintained in similar fashion to her larger sister ship, the "Courtney Elizabeth," and was The Lobster Guy's first command!

Main engine=12/71 Detroit Diesel Auxiliary power plant 40 kilowatt John Deere/Luger
Length = 68 feet
Width = 19 feet
Draft = 8 feet
Cruising Speed = 8 knots
The "Monitor" also carried the following equipment:
2 Furuno Radars
2 VHF radios
1 SSB radio
3 Loran-C Northstar Navigators
1 Weather Fax
1 Cellular Phone
1 Depth Finder/Chromascope
2 EPIRB Distress Beacons
1 Six man offshore survival raft