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Lobster Trivia

1. What do lobsters eat?
Lobsters eat flounder, urchins, clams, mussels, and a variety of other items from the ocean.
2. How many pairs of legs are on a lobster?
Lobsters have 5 pairs of legs. Two large front claws and eight walking legs (pereiopods).
3. What is the purpose of each claw?
The larger claw is the claw used to crush and the other claw is used to rip.
4. What is the biggest lobster on record?
The biggest recorded lobster is 43 pounds.
5. How can I tell how old a lobster is? A good rule of thumb to calculate a lobsters age is to multiply the lobsters weight by 4, then add 3 (this is a good estimate to the lobsters age).
6. When do lobsters eat?
Lobsters usually eat after sunset (at night).