Lowest Price Guarantee
Lowest Price Guarantee

We GUARANTEE that we have the lowest published prices on the web for our lobsters.
There is ONE EXCEPTION to this guarantee.
We cannot guarantee lower prices than another lobster company if they DO NOT GUARANTEE your lobsters are alive when you receive them!
Yes, it's true. There are companies that don't guarantee their lobsters...
Other sites just state "Guarantee" in their advertising and figure consumers won't research the prices on other sites. I feel this is a shame!

There Are also Companies that offer FREE SHIPPING???
We'll, I've been around the block a few times, and as far as I know, Fed Ex and UPS BOTH CHARGE to ship packages! Don't Fall For The Free Shipping From Other Companies...They Don't Do it For Free!
Other Lobster sites hide their profits in shipping...Well, Not Us!

I Do However Pass On Our Significant Fed Ex Shipping Discounts To You The Customer, And That's The Honest Answer!

How can I offer this guarantee?
Because we already have the lowest prices, And We also have the freshest live lobsters which we catch off our own lobster boats!
I have been a Lobsterman for over 35 years, I want to earn your business, and I want to provide the lowest priced Best Quality Live Lobsters... We get to show you our great customer service, lowest prices, and the freshest hard shell lobsters, lobster dinners and great seafood products...all while you get the lowest price and best products available!
LobsterGuy ships hand selected fresh hard-shell lobsters just for you, and NEVER sacrifice quality like some second and even third party retailers, we catch, handle and package them ourselves.
If by chance you ever find a lower price, please email us with your zip code at sales@thelobsterguy.com. , and we will certainly look into it!

Order from LobsterGuy with confidence, and you'll see why we have the lowest prices, best lobsters, and the best customer feedback...all without sacrificing quality!
Thanks, Capt. Tim , The Lobsterguy

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